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Sailor Messier6 was born on January 19th 1997 as Lysande Fjärils (Meaning: Brilliant Butterfly) in a small town in Sweden. She is 16 years old and goes by the nickname Sandy. Lysande lives with her parents and her grandparents on a farm, she loves riding, horses and animals in general, same as the nature. She hates smoke and smells of factories and is not very used to any modern stuff like coputers or mobil phones. She owns a mobile phone but a very old one, that can only be used for calls and text messages. Sandy has trouble with making friends, most people call her weird, because she is not used to technology. Her best friend is Renons Evinnerlig/ Sailor Messier7, then she can call some people her friends, who are also friends with Ren.
Sandy is a gentle and caring person, mostly she is shy and afraid of things she does not know.
But sometimes she acompanied her best friend Ren on some of her Adventures and during one of these tours both girls found out that they are Senshi.

As Sailor Messier6 her realm of influence is Magic and Illusion. She is Sailor Messier7's partner in a battle and is always the first one who confrontates the enemy. As Senshi she is way more confident than her human-self.
Messier6 tries to distract the enemy with her so called 'Butterfly Magic', her illusion powers and shows him/ her the things, he or she likes most.
After that happenes, it comes to Messier7.

Gemstone: Garnet
Attack 1:  Harmonious Butterfly Illusion
Attack 2: Illuminated Alchemy Ritual
Attack 3: Flashing Ghostly Lance


Sailor Messier7 was born on November 11th 1996 as Renons Evinnerlig (Meaning: Void Everlasting) in a small town in Sweden. She is 17 years old and goes by the nickname Ren. Renons was raised in an orphanage and lives now by her own, her parents are unknown.
She likes to discover new, adventurous and dangerous things, mostly with her best friend Lysande, but it's a rare thing they both are together in Adventures, because Sandy is afraid of such things.
In the end they discovered the fact they are Senshi together, during one of Ren's planned adventures.
Renons is also a girl who is very much into parties and flirting with boys, but she has one weird hobby. Since she was a child, she is fascinated by poison and toxic.
Ren has trouble with the summer and too much sun, because she has a light sun allergy. Her philosopy of life is 'Don't worry; never mind!'.

As Sailor Messier7 her realm of influence is poison and void. She uses a combination of Toxic and something that people call non-existant to attack her enemy from an ambush, after Messier6 distracted them. That makes her a kind of assassin.

Gemstone: Beryl
Attack 1: Luminous Void Toxication
Attack 2: Venom Flash Rhapsody
Attack 3: Mystic Beam Reaper


Sailor Barnard26 was born on July 26th 1987 in Edinburgh/ Scottland as Harper Charlotte Aodhàn, called Harper and Charlie by her father, she's 26 years old and half Scottish, half Irish.
She lives with her father, her mother died, when she was 17 years old, at a car accident and her younger sister Ainsel, who is 9 years old and was born shortly before her mother's death.
In her regular life Harper is a famous singer, better known under her Stage Name "Morgaine", the death of her mother was the reason for her to become a singer. She chosed her Mother's name as her Stage Name.
Mostly she is a Solo Artist, but sometimes she joines a Rock Band called 'Camelot's Knights'.
She is a role model, people look up at her and want to be like her.
Secretly Harper is a Hacker, a kind of Computer Specialist, helping the police out in solving crime cases. That's why she's called 'Detective Aodhán'.
Her best friend and partner in fights is Sailor Barnard108/ Eleniel(belongs to Marushi-Dracul).

As Sailor Barnard26 she is a leader-type, someone other Senshi can rely on and trust. She also is a strategist and plans their battles if that is needed. Her Powers are Computer Control and she can summon cords and wires that shoot lightning to her enemies.

Gemstone: Diamond
Attack 1: Ebony Assault Network
Attack 2: Tecno Force Firewall
Attack 3: Dominating Net Programmer
Attack 4: Authoritative Volt Enchantment


Sailor Variable Type 375 Carinae/ V375 was born on March 21st 1998 in Wellington/ New Zealand as Liorél Arien Mitírth, decendant of an old elven clan, but she is human. Liorél goes by the nickname Lio, her brother used to call her Ari. That name was and still is very special for Liorél, because her brother died 9 years ago. She is 15 years old and lives with her parents. Her older brother Tarion committed suicide, when Lio was 6, at the age of 15, because he was disabled, a bullying victim because of his pointed ears and was confined to a wheelchair. Liorél still misses her brother very much.
Lio is a shy, but gentle and mostly friendly girl, but people avoid her, because of her descent. They call her weird, that's why she has no friends.
Sometimes she is a bit emotional, but mostly she tries to be happy, because she doesn't want her parents to worry about her.

As Sailor V375 you can't call her a soldier or a fighter. She is not used to be in a group, that's why she is more shy than as human. Her realm of influence is Life and Plants; she can create small plants and flowers with her powers, but she also has one destructive power. Her other realm of influence is Sound, high octaves that can made glass cracking. V375 is not able to controle these powers, that's why sometimes weird sounds are hearable, when she is around and better prepare, something will definitely be destroyed, when these sounds can be heard.
V375 prefers her creating powers and definitely needs someone by her side who helps her to controle her Sound Powers.

Gemstone: Emerald
Attack 1: Floral Pulsing Blast
Attack 2: Blossom Howling Vibe
Attack 3: Shivering Sonic Cry
I decided to write some more Information about my Messier-Girls, Barnard26 and V375.

Tell me what you thank and what I should maybe change :)

M6/M7/B26/V375 belong to me
B72 (mentioned) belongs to :iconsihi-chan:
:iconmessier-senshi: by :iconstuffed-frog:; :iconsinging-kiwi: and :iconaryiane:
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